Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Raining Goldfinches

Suddenly the sky was darkened by the flock of small birds circling above the Inn - swooping as one, twirling right and left up and down a leaf in the wind but hundreds of bodies moving as one.  They landed in the tall tree near the boat and in seconds began to fall from the sky to swarm the Inn feeders.  It was raining goldfinches. 

They arrive at the two feeders en masse fighting to get the sunflower seeds or line up politely on the connecting bar that holds the larger feeder away from the porch.  At times in their excitement they bash themselves against the windows.  One such goldie lost its life as we watched.  A red tail hawk
(which might have caused the flight reaction in the first place) grabbed the bird as it lay on the ground.  We watched as it used it talons carefully lifting and shifting their deadly force.  Once it no longer moved the hawk flew off to have its lunch.  Within a few minutes the flock was back and the circle of life was complete. 

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