Friday, October 27, 2017

Tribute to an Owl

Pull back the quilt, fluff the pillow and jump in. Savor a sip of your favorite beverage, you have traveled long and hard to get here but finally let us welcome you to The Glenacres Blog. This opening entry aims also as a tribute of sorts to long term residency of the property, far longer than we current occupants of Glenacres and even the inn itself.  Descendant of many generations, the Great Horned Owl emerges from the alder grove that flanks the meadow and harbor shore, announced by the signature phrasing and acoustical quality of its hoot that registers all the more distinctly in nocturnal quiet.  

Hanging with the mists and moonlight in its arboreal setting, the resident owl speaks to a coastal micro environment that is a world unto itself--in relation to the harbor flats and the ocean beyond, the rhythms of weather and the intricate relationship of species crafted through eons. Distant ancestors listened to these verbatim callings, long before cedar canoes cut the harbor waters or tall ships appeared over the horizon.

As the owl's voice enlivens our connection with the immediate environs, our venturing into this blogosphere space aims also as a reflection about Glenacres' locality along the Cranberry Coast, situated in the far wider and varied regional geography of the northwest.  Interest this way extends from our focus and industry at the inn.   More than the near century long legacy it extends accommodating adventurers and travelers in these parts, Glenacres promotes authentic local connection by virtue of its historic ties and natural setting at the heart of the community.  This connection supports a broader perspective about the Northwest that must be achieved broadly, across the enormous diversity of destinations that comprise the whole.  May this and follow up entries contribute to that appreciation about the Inn and its locality by the sea. 

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When were you last seen here?

Hoot..., hoot, hoot.

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